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Looking for Provider of Consultative Examinations for Maine Disability Determination Services

11 Aug 2022 1:46 PM | Anonymous

Are you interested in providing exams set to your schedule? Are you interested in direct payments that do not have to be approved through insurance companies?  Are you interested in providing an essential service to some of Maine’s most vulnerable residents?  Then providing Consultative Examinations for the Maine Disability Determination Services might be a great fit for you!

Maine DDS is a subsidiary office of the Maine Department of Health and Human services, and works collaboratively with the Federal Social Security Administration providing the medical eligibility of Maine residents applying for Social Security Disability benefits.  We are looking for independently licensed and talented psychologists to add a new path to their distinguished careers, providing Consultative Examinations on our panel of community providers.  Consultative Examinations are physical or mental examinations that are conducting in the community, either in your own office space or in one of our community spaces with mileage and accommodations paid for travel. 

These exams provide necessary information around claimant impairment and functioning and play a vital role in the disability determination process.  Exams are reimbursed directly through DDS and do not have to be billed through private or public insurance, and reimbursement rates are at least that of Medicare.  The panelist examines disability claimants and submits a report of their findings in accordance with Social Security Administration regulations, around which training is provided by DDS. This is not a contract position, and providers submit and work the schedules that fit into their practice. The information provided in exams is reviewed as part of the medical file, and determinations around disability are made by DDS Staff in accordance with SSA regulations.

For more information or to submit resume and cover letter, please contact Ann Joy, Assistant Director of Provider Relations, Disability Determination Services; 1705 US Route 202; Winthrop, ME 04304  or email Ann.Joy@ssa.gov; Tel# 207-287-9601”